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Small Live Edge Slabs and Rounds

Book Matched Ash

4 Consecutive Semi-Round Slab Slices from a Northern Ash

Spalted Maple Irregular

A unique Spalted Maple Semi-Round Live Edge Slab

White Cedar Trunk Round

A section of Live Edge White Cedar Trunk. This section is 12in tall and has a 5-8in diameter. Cedar does not require kiln dried, but is well aged and fully stable.

Holly Tree

Extremely rare Live Edge Holly tree slabs. These beautiful white Holly Slabs are perfect for presentation platters and trays. They run in size from 8-20in and are approx. 1in thick

Straight Grain Pin Oak

Live Natural Edge on one side, beautiful, straight grain structure with intense flecking. These are cutoffs from 18ft Slabs.  

30in x 15in x 2in


Live Natural Edge on both sides. Medium figured Maple slab.

26in x 15in x 2in